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    Perrin has been very blessed to have some dedicated people on our team. We would like to congratulate some of our faithful and hardworking employees on their recent work anniversaries. A big and grateful thank you goes out to Jeff Moomey, Jesse Rebillet and Sue Roberts. Jeff is celebrating 20 years and Jesse and Sue are celebrating 5 years each!!!!!!! They have all served Perrin Mfg/Tridako Energy/Dynasys diligently and we hope they stay in the family for many years to come.

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    Perrin Uses Its Proven PowerCube Technology
    To Create SG-09 APU for Smeal Fire Apparatus

    The SG-09 includes reliable 9 kW diesel-powered generator and high-capacity HVAC system, keeping personnel comfortable while meeting strict emission standards

    ALLIANCE, Neb., USA (May 20, 2013)— Perrin Manufacturing – an award-winning engineering firm specializing in the design, testing and building of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and auxiliary power units (APUs) for vehicles – announced that a new system it recently designed for emergency response vehicles is rapidly gaining favor among fire departments in the U.S. and Canada. Perrin developed the system for Smeal Fire Apparatus Co, which markets it under the trade name SG-09 Smeal Green Auxiliary Power Unit. The SG-09 was designed to address the growing demand among North American fire departments for smarter supplemental power generation and climate control systems that meet more stringent engine idling laws, reduce fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.

    In designing the SG-09, Perrin called upon its broad experience of designing and manufacturing HVAC and APU system for heavy-duty, off-road and exotic commercial work vehicles, which includes related products developed under its Tridako PowerCube APU brand. Perrin’s intelligent design allows the SG-09 to deliver a robust 9 kW of power and to handle a wide range of heating and cooling needs for the crew space while maintaining stable interior temperatures in the face of everything from desert sun loads to arctic wind chills.

    “We went to Perrin because they have world-class HVAC and APU engineering expertise and a successful track record with other leading OEMs,” Joel Konecky, regional sales director for Smeal Fire Apparatus, said. “The result of our collaboration is a particularly smart solution that operates automatically and independently, freeing firefighters to focus on the task at hand.”

    Unlike some fire apparatus-mounted APUs that require personnel to engage and disengage them, the SG-09 employs Smeal’s proprietary controller that automatically starts the system while shutting down and monitoring the chassis engine, starting it again if needed. There is no interruption of power or HVAC service, and the SG-09 can be manually started or stopped using controls conveniently located in both the cab and on the pump panel, even when the apparatus is in motion. The control’s advanced user interface makes operating the system virtually effortless.

    “The SG-09 delivers the level of performance we were looking for, and it does so automatically,” Buddy Caldwell, captain and fleet manager for Charlotte (NC) Fire Department, said. “Now we’ve got the auxiliary power we need, our crew cabin environment has never been more controlled and we’re achieving it all while meeting emissions compliance and reducing our fuel and maintenance costs.”

    The Charlotte (NC) Fire Department recently took delivery of a number of SG-09-equipped vehicles, including four Smeal pumpers and three 105-foot Smeal aerials, and the department currently has more on order. Toronto (Canada) Fire Services now has six 105-foot Smeal aerials fitted with SG-09 APUs. Smeal’s research indicates that chassis engines spend 55 to 75 percent of their time idling on fire apparatuses serving high-volume departments. When operating, the SG-09 uses only a quarter of the fuel of a chassis engine, significantly reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission-related soot accumulation, and thus the frequency of power-depleting diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration. The unit’s power plant carries an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating of Tier-4, indicating the lowest emissions for its class. By quietly operating at only 75 dB under full load, the unit also does its part to minimize on-scene noise pollution.

    “As an ISO-certified designer and manufacturer of vehicle-based APU and HVAC systems, we specialize in assisting OEMs by engineering solutions to complex supplemental power and climate control challenges,” Dan Koch, president and CEO of Perrin Manufacturing, said. “We are excited and honored to be invited to bring our expertise to bear on this initiative for Smeal.”

    The new Smeal APU comes in two models. The SG-09 Parallel System features a completely independent HVAC system with a separate evaporator core and fan installed in the crew area. The SG-09CR Integrated System utilizes the chassis evaporator, fan and air conditioning controls and allows the vehicle’s air conditioning compressor to be mounted on the SG-09CR, freeing the chassis engine of the AC burden. With the augmentation supplied by the SG-09CR, fire companies can specify smaller engines and less expensive chassis, while achieving similar performance levels. Additional information is available and can be obtained by contacting Perrin Manufacturing.

    To access high-resolution images, please click on links below.

    SG09 Smeal APU
    PowerCube APU HC5128
    Toronto Fire Apparatus
    SG09 Smeal APU Enclosure
    Digital control Module for SG09
    Fire Apparatus with SG09 Smeal APU
    Fire Apparatus City of Port Moody E-2
    Fire Apparatus Charlotte Fire Department Ladder 23
    Fire Apparatus Charlotte Fire Department Engine 16
    Schematic of APU location on Fire Apparatus Main Body

    Perrin Celebrates Work Annivesaries!!!

    Perrin has been very blessed to have some dedicated people on our team. We would like to congratulate some of our faithful and hardworking employees on their recent work anniversaries. A big and grateful thank you goes out to Jeff Moomey, Jessie Riblet and Sue Roberts. Jeff is celebrating 20 years and Jessie and Sue are celebrating 5 years each!!!!!!! They have all served Perrin Mfg/Tridako Energy/Dynasys diligently and we hope they stay in the family for many years to come.

    IMG 0202

    New YouTube Video!!! 

    Check out our latest descriptive animated video including a little Dynasys history and how far we have come. If you have questions feel free to give us a call at 308-762-2975!! We have many wonderful dealers across the country that are more than happy to help.


    PowerCube Pro Options!!

    The PowerCube Pro now has the option of stainless steel skins, lockable latches and a step kit. You can ask your installing dealer about pricing or contact us for more information. 

    Stainless Steel Skins


    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts visited Alliance on a rainy Friday morning for a tour of Perrin Manufacturing East of the city. 



    Headquarted in Alliance, NE Perrin Mfg. proudly produces the Dynasys APU and PowerCube Pro. Employing many men and women in the community and making quality products is a priority for the leadership team at Perrin Mfg.

    Made in America


    “PMI” has partnered with Sy-Klone International (www.sy-klone.com) establishing a ‘systems integration’ cab air quality installation kit vs. individual component sales. 



    PMI Managment Team Certified on Fundamentals of Gallup's Behavorial Economic Management and Leadership Science

    Koch Continues to Serve as Trustee for Chadron State College
    serving from 2005 through 2013

    Nebraska MFG. Advisory Council is Voice for State's Manufacturers
    April 2012

    Perrin Manufacturing Partners with Dream !t Do !t Initiative
    August 2011

    PMI Qualifies for extended Certification of Quality Program.
    ISO 9001:2008. February, 2011 through February, 2014

    Annual Certification of Quality Program Successful.
    Perrin Manufacturing an ISO 9001:2008. December, 2010

    Koch Addresses Nebraska Diplomats’ 2010 Business and Industry Recognition Day May 2010

    Koch Accepts Nomination to Return the Board of Directors
    Perrin President returns to former leadership role in the Box Butte Development Corp. 2010

    Loralee Young installed with New officers for 2010 Alliance Chamber of Commerce Feburary, 2010

    Koch Revieves Leadership Award from Nebraska Diplomats
    Dan Koch recieved the Outstanding Leadership and Dedicated Service Award for his service as President from 2009-2010. Koch has served on the Board of Directors since 2007 continuing through 2012.

    Perrin Manufacturing Announces Quality re-Certification.
    Alliance, NE – Perrin Manufacturing, has been recommended for re-certification and upgrade to ISO 9001:2008 QMS. ISO 9001:2008 certified processes are a Quality Management System whose practices are accepted worldwide. December, 2009

    2008 Large Business of the Year Awarded to Perrin Manufacturing.
    Selected by the Alliance Chamber of Commerce 2008

    Perrin Manufacturing Accounces ISO Certification
    Alliance, NE – Perrin Manufacturing, Inc., parent company of TRIDAKO Energy Systems, is proud to announce that the company is now certified and compliant with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System standards and guidelines. Perrin has achieved the ISO 9001:2000 accreditation from Colorado based Orion Registrar, Inc. ISO 9001 is accepted worldwide as the inclusive international standard that defines quality.
    February, 2008

    Box Butte Development Corp. Honors Dan Koch for 6 years of Service on the Board of Directors
    President and CEO of Perrin Manufacturing served on the board from 2001-2007

    PMI Selected as Entrepreneur of the Year
    Selected by Box Butte Development Corporation. 2007

    PMI Construction Complete on New 40,000 sq. ft Facility
    February, 2006

    Perrin Manufacturing works with Box Butte Development's Alliance Economic Development Program

    Perrin Receives "Industry in Alliance" designation from Chamber of Commerce 2006

    Dan Koch Purchases Perrin Manfucturing, Jan 2001

    Company History for Perrin Manufacturing

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