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    A climate control system designed to fit into a specific space is only one of the services that Perrin Manufacturing can provide. 

    The entire Perrin Package includes design of a climate control system with CAD drawings, a prototype, testing and manufacturing of your product.  Our highly experienced staff can consult with the OEM team to create a package that will deliver the service you need.

    Customize the Service you need:

    1. Engineering Design
    2. Design Validation and Engineering Consultation
    3. CAD Drawings
    4. Prototype build and test
    5. Manufacture climate control system from our designs or yours.
    6. Manufacture components

    Contact Perrin Manufacturing today and let us know how we can serve you.

    Quality and customer service you deserve.

    “We went to Perrin because they have world-class HVAC and APU engineering expertise and a successful track record with other leading OEMs.” Joel Konecky, Regional Sales Director, Smeal Fire Apparatus

    “Now we’ve got the auxiliary power we need, our crew cabin environment has never been more controlled and we’re achieving it all while meeting emissions compliance and reducing our fuel and maintenance costs.” Buddy Caldwell, Captain and Fleet Manager for Charlotte (NC) Fire Department

    "We’ve installed a lot of PowerCubes over the years and we have total confidence in the PowerCube product and we’re excited that Perrin has chosen a CAT diesel engine as the heart of its PowerCube product line.” Steve Leuch, Sales Manager for CAT of Knoxville

    Perrin has a broad range of heater, and air conditioning units that are available for repurposing.  In many applications customers can reduce their engineering costs by selecting a repurposed design.  These climate control systems range from construction vehicle HVAC systems, tractor HVAC systems, agricultural vehicle HVAC units and also industrial enclosure boxes. 

    Fire talking points

    • APU reduces the DPF regen time
    • APU reduces idle fuel usage
    • APU reduces expensive PM’s on the Fire Equipment
    • APU preserves the cabin Oasis (cooling/heating) dependent on need for fireman recovery.
    • Extend the life of the truck. Idle time can b as high as 85% of the dutycycle of the truck. “big red roadblocks”

    Quote from Smeal article

    "Our exclusive SG-09 GREEN POWER technology is becoming a popular option with fire departments that are focused on fuel savings and emissions reduction. It's uniquely designed to significantly reduce both carbon emissions and operating costs while increasing the lifecycle of the main chassis engine," says Jeff Wegner, Smeal's vice president, sales. "Recent studies have shown that this technology can help reduce carbon emissions by up to 13 percent and save an average 11 percent in fuel costs each year." fireengineering.com

    Heater/AC: Tractor and Heavy Equipment

    3194 Roof Mounted Heater / AC with Condenser

    Constructed with 12 ga. Steel, this unit has screened off fans, a condenser section, recirculation filter and 2 external filters.

    • Tractor or Heavy Construction equipment usage
    • 22,000 BTU/hr AC
    • 30,000 BTU/hr Heater
    • 300 CFM
    • 12 V – DC
    • 38 amps

    Heater/AC: Construction Sweeper / Broom Unit

    3217 Interior Roof Mounted, Heater / AC Unit

    The system features 6 louvers for air direction, as well as AC and heater controls for operator comfort.

    • Construction sweeper application
    • 24,500  BTU/HR AC
    • 24,800  BTU/HR Heater
    • 250 CFM
    • 12 V – DC
    • 18 amps

    Heater/AC: Agricultural Sprayer Application

    3171 Interior Roof Mounted Heater / AC unit

    This particular unit has a dome light and controls within easy reach of the operator.

    • 18,000 BTU/hr AC
    • 24,000 BTU/hr heater
    • 350 CFM
    • 12 V DC
    • 18 amps

    Air Conditioning: Construction Equipment

    3212 Steering Column AC unit Road Paving Equipment

    The unit saves cab space by serving as a steering console and an air conditioning unit. The steering column runs through the air conditioner housing; the steering wheel, gauges and paving controls are installed in upper chamber.

    • 26,700 BTU/Hr
    • 12 V DC
    • 300 CFM
    • 25 Amps

    Heater: Skid Steer Applications

    3127 Center Mount, Floor Heater Unit

    • Skid steer construction usage
    • 18,000 BTU/Hr AC
    • 24,000 BTU/Hr Heater
    • 350 CFM
    • 12 V – DC
    • 18 Amps

    3218 Side Mounted Heater

    Design called for a side mounted heater system, heating the operator’s feet and able to defrost the front window of the vehicle.  The housing was wrapped around a center support member due to size constraints and cab heater requirements.

    • 20,000 BTU/HR
    • 250 CFM
    • 9 AMPS

    Enclosures: Electric Applications

    “Designed to keep sensitive electronic components safe from the outdoor environment.” 
    Patrick Crowley, Senior Design Engineer, Perrin Manufacturing.

    3259 – A communications industry enclosure

    • Thermally controlled housing
    • Temperature regulating fan/heater
    • Monitors in-housing temperature
    • Auto adjust enclosure temperature
    • Equipped with surge protector and power supply
    • Security key-lock entry

    3338 – An irrigation industry enclosure

    Trademark and brand names for GEHL, ASV, TYLER, SPREADPRO, VALLEY, and ROSCO are the property of their respective companies. 

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified to meet and exceed the manufacturing standards that have earned PMI longstanding partnerships in the OEM climate control system marketplace.


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