Agricultural Vehicle HVAC

Broad Ranging Applications

Agriculture vehicle HVAC systems require a certain amount of expertise.  Discover why Perrin Manufacturing is the leading designer and developer of vehicle HVAC systems.

Broad Ranging Applications

Agricultural vehicles encompass an extremely broad number of applications requiring specific HVAC features.   Sprayers, Combines, and other specialized agricultural vehicles all have one thing in common. An Operator who needs a suitable environment to perform the job.

Specialized Designs

As with all specialized cab designs, Perrin Manufacturing is experienced with fitting the space available with delivering the heat and cooling needed.

Extreme Debris
Heavy-duty Air Filtration HVAC Systems
Extreme Temperatures
Increase BTU Outputs  
Critical Space Limitations
Innovative Housing Design  




PMI Effective Applications

  • Harvest Equipment 
  • Tillage
  • Hay Forage
  • Sprayer Equipment
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Livestock Manure Handling
  • Floaters

Schedule a consultation and discuss project goals with the PMI Engineering Department. We'll work to create the best solutiion. Find out what a long line of OEM companies have discovered

Perrin Manufacturing is leading the way with innovative solutions to climate control systems in agricultural equipment.

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